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AuditWare Systems appreciates and welcomes the input and suggestions of our clientele and fellow data analysis specialists. To this end, we fully encourage you to share with us your tales of success or failure, your thoughts on the vital issues affecting our industry today, and your views on the future of data analysis – whether it be how to efficiently handle “big” data, or how to use continuous auditing and monitoring to improve business assurance.

There is everything to gain from the sharing of best practice and lessons learned, and if you are one of our thousands of customers, we would also love to hear your stories about using IDEA Data Analysis and CaseWare Monitor within your company. But above all, engaging and accessible content that drives conversation is our goal.

In order to help get you started here are a few handy guidelines to help structure your submissions.

Submission guidelines

  • Minimum of about 500 words to a maximum of 1,000 words. (In our experience this is the goldilocks zone of keeping the reader’s attention!)
  • Break the text up a bit – nobody likes to read a wall of text – by using bullet points and numbered lists.
  • Use short paragraphs to help keep the reader’s eyes from straining.
  • Original content is king! If people have read the same piece a few times before, even under a different skin, they’re less likely to read it to the end.
  • Summarise your post early on. Even if they don’t have time to read everything you’ve written, a good summary lets them know whether they like the content or not (and helps them decide whether they’ll come back to finish the piece later).
  • And finally, can you think of five other people who would share this content on social media? You can write the most amazing piece of literature in the world, but if nobody wants to read it…

In return we will give you:

  • Full marketing support – We just require your text and we’ll handle the design.
  • Ownership control – your content, your rules. We will share your content in accordance with your wishes.
  • Professional platform sharing – we will post your piece on our approved network of channels which could potentially generate hundreds of thousands of views.

All we need from you at this early stage is a few contact details, and a brief summary of the topic you want to cover. If you’re interested then please fill in the form, and we’ll be sure to get in touch as soon as we can!

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