Data mining automates the detection of relevant patterns or correlations embedded within large amounts of data, using defined approaches, that can be analysed to predict future trends.

Data mining allows organisations to make pro-active, knowledgeable decisions.

We have two software solutions based on data mining techniques:



A program for discovering rules and errors in the contents of a database.

WizRule is a data auditing and cleansing tool based on data mining. This business rules detector analyses data files, automatically reveals the rules and identifies entries that deviate from the discovered rules as suspected errors. The user has control of certain settings that help to filter out false positives and rules that have a lower probability of being accurate.

Features and benefits include:

  • Reveals all the if-then rules
  • Reveals the mathematical formula rules
  • Reveals spelling errors in names and values
  • Calculates the level of unlikelihood of each deviation
  • Avoids false alarms – almost every deviation is an error or at least a case to be examined
  • Works with any PC-based database either directly or via ODBC connections
  • Analyses one flat file or joins several files to one table


WizWhy is a data mining tool that analyses data and issues predictions.

This data mining and machine learning software discovers rules governing databases and predicts the outcome of new cases. WizWhy is based on an innovative algorithm which overtakes both neural networks and decision trees.

WizWhy automatically reveals all the rules in the data, and on the basis of these rules:

  • Summarises the data graphically by presenting the main trends
  • Points out interesting phenomena
  • Reveals necessary and sufficient conditions
  • Points out cases deviating from the rules
  • Issues predictions for new cases

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