Please find below our historical library of research papers carried out by CaseWare Analytics – the developers of CaseWare IDEA data analysis and CaseWare Monitor solutions.

An Active Fight Against Fraud: Integrating People, Process and Technology

Outlines strategies to help audit teams develop a clear vision on how to use audit software to fight fraud.

5 Reasons to use a Professional Data Analytics Tool

Five compelling reasons to consider making the switch from spreadsheets to a professional data analytics tool.

Using Data Analysis to Meet the Requirements of Risk Based Auditing Standards

Due to various regulatory requirements and professional standard revisions, auditors must now use a risk-based audit approach to lower their organization’s risks.

Strong Corporate Governance & Internal Controls: Internal Auditing in Higher Education

Assessing the degree of risk facing an organization is not a new role for Internal Audit. Learn how audit teams are know being seen as a business partner and added resource within Higher Education.

Data Analysis: The Cornerstone of Effective Internal Auditing

Completing the ERM Circle: The Role of Continuous Controls Monitoring

The generally accepted definition of ERM is the process of identifying, assessing, measuring and monitoring. As other aspects of the GRC space consolidate, are there potential synergies between ERM and CCM?

This paper explores the specific challenges of achieving effective monitoring in the ERM framework, and identifies CCM as a potential solution that can be used to overcome them.

An Active Fight against Fraud: Integrating People, Process & Data Analysis Technology

Using people, process and technology to fight fraud.

Driving Better Data Analysis: Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

Due to their convenience, spreadsheets remain one of the most popular applications for auditing and fraud detection. Originally designed for financial modelling and budgeting, they are still widely used for database manipulation and internal audit activities. However, as best practices and mandates of the internal audit and fraud detection professions have matured, a reliance on spreadsheets has diminished in favour of more sophisticated tools.