If you have trouble reviewing your Unix systems or are just overwhelmed by the volume of data that you need to audit then you need a copy of Unix Security Auditor.

Unix Security Auditor is an add-on for IDEA that will perform 60 key tests for you and create a report highlighting any problems with your Unix security. In addition, it will also create a series of IDEA database files containing all of the results of the tests performed, which you can use to carry out further analysis in IDEA if you want or need to.

Unix has always been a difficult environment to audit and control; Unix Security Auditor will help you to review and identify the critical weaknesses in your Unix systems, saving you both time and effort, and ensuring that your Unix security audits are performed to the highest standard.

Unix Security Auditor runs alongside IDEA within a Windows environment and requires just 4 critical files to obtain from the Unix system under interrogation.

The user can select which tests are to be run and the rest of process is automatic. When the tests are complete, a report on the finding of the tests is produced and the user can access the results of the tests via IDEA.

Use your PC to review your Unix systems and free up your time to carry out other critical activities. To see how effective it can be in helping your audit team and for more information then please contact us.

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