Training Approach

At AuditWare we continually strive to provide our customers with the best training available to help them to understand how to maximise their use of our software and add value to any audits or data-driven projects that they may face.

Going beyond basic run-throughs of software functionality, we design our training courses to empower the user to understand not only the tools and techniques that they have available to them, but also to understand best practice approaches to data analytics, no matter the business process or application.

We achieve this through a number of different offerings, designed to help users of varying experience and requirements. Options include:

  • CaseWare IDEA Certification Programme – taking users from beginner to advanced skill levels with the option to achieve two industry-recognised qualifications: Certified IDEA Data Analyst (CIDA) and Certified IDEAScript Expert (CISE)
  • Specialised IDEA training – taking specific business process areas and delving deeper into the techniques needed to gain assurances and quantify risk, including IDEA automation, advanced importation, and fraud detection and investigation
  • Bespoke IDEA training – taking client specific scenarios and designing tailored courses to meet the required objectives. Achieved through the use of either client’s own data or AuditWare sample data

As well as providing training services, AuditWare also has an experienced Consultancy Services team made up of experienced industry experts who possess a wealth of audit and business process awareness, married to a library of IDEA knowledge.

Upcoming Training Courses

COVID-19: Until otherwise noted, all AuditWare training courses are being hosted online.

Please note that all dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

For a full list of events please see here.