SmartExporter is a SAP® data extraction and analysis solution, designed to easily export and automatically prepare your SAP data for further analysis. It resolves many of the issues associated with accessing SAP data such as security, data capacity, and timing of data downloads.

Fully compatible with both IDEA Data Analysis and SmartAnalyzer, this Windows-based application can be installed in no time, allowing you to access the exact SAP data you require for your analyses quickly and easily, with data requests generated on your computer, rather than in SAP itself.

SmartExporter is the fast, simple, and reliable way to export SAP data, and makes handling SAP’s complex and time-consuming features a thing of the past.


  • Configure it once, use it again and again
  • Integration into IDEA or stand-alone solution
  • Online and offline access
  • Schedule data exports at specified times

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If the client works with SAP® we export the project data using SmartExporter. With SmartExporter we can easily create precise Data Requests and extract the required data from SAP®

Dr. Fabian Völkel & Damien Moras
CEOs / TALA Consult GmbH

A local City Council recently purchased SmartExporter after experiencing difficulty accessing their SAP data through SE16. Too much time was being lost by having to submit requests to their outsourced SAP supplier. As a result it was a lengthy process having the SAP data exported and in many cases the data returned was in the wrong format. The SE16 interface module within the SAP environment was problematic for users and causing frustrations with regards to data extraction. Understanding what data was stored within the correct SAP tables was also difficult as their staff were not SAP experts. SmartExporter solved this problem. Previously SAP data extraction was a huge task. Now using a simple to operate windows interface and at the click of a few buttons, they have access to the required data, available in a short download time.

“The ease of use of Smart Exporter means it can be used by anyone and eliminates the reliance on IT. When downloading data via SE16 the data transfer would take a few hours. With SmartExporter we are now able to download 700,000 rows of data within 13 minutes”.

As a business with 60,000 employees, 2,000 client sites and a complex and bespoke SAP implementation, getting the data out of SAP could have presented a major challenge. Finding the right data among 10,000 SAP data tables felt like finding a needle in a haystack; so after taking advice, the Internal Audit team decided to implement SmartExporter. They found that SmartExporter made it perfectly straightforward to identify the SAP data tables they required with minimal IT input; the tables could be selected at the click of a mouse and filters applied quickly and easily in an interactive interface.

MITIE has been using SmartExporter for nine months now, and has found that the reduced dependence on IT has made it possible for them to be much more proactive and flexible in their data analysis work. Considerable cost savings have been made through the identification of errors and process weaknesses using SmartExporter and IDEA, in both Payroll and Accounts Payable.

Steve Hudson
Business Risk / MITIE Group plc