SmartExporter is a SAP® data extraction and analysis solution, designed to easily export and automatically prepare your SAP data for further analysis. It resolves many of the issues associated with accessing SAP data such as security, data capacity, and timing of data downloads.

Fully compatible with both IDEA Data Analysis and SmartAnalyzer, this Windows-based application can be installed in no time, allowing you to access the exact SAP data you require for your analyses quickly and easily, with data requests generated on your computer, rather than in SAP itself.

SmartExporter is the fast, simple, and reliable way to export SAP data, and makes handling SAP’s complex and time-consuming features a thing of the past.


  • Configure it once, use it again and again
  • Integration into IDEA or stand-alone solution
  • Online and offline access
  • Schedule data exports at specified times

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Here is an informative video by SmartExporter’s developers, Audicon:

See the below SmartExporter Tutorial Video:

See how you can save time and money when using SmartExporter in your organisation:

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