‘According to a 2014 study carried out by Ventana Research, 88% of organisations said they saw payroll analytics as important, and almost 48% reported they were planning to improve their efforts in this area.’

Course Overview

Our bespoke Payroll Workshops enable you to add real value to the business, whilst working on your own data and in your own environment.

They are an ideal place to build upon your existing knowledge of IDEA techniques and functionality. We can coach you in both your approach to value added audits and specific testing within any given functional / business areas of your Payroll Audit. Whether you are looking to re-inforce existing IDEA knowledge or seeking to push your analyses into new territory such as advanced statistical methods (Standard Deviation and Trend Analysis for example), you will return from the course with crib sheets to re-enforce all training.

This 1 day in-house workshop has been developed as a result of specific client requests for IDEA Payroll testing on their own data.

Delegate Requirements

The course is aimed at External Auditors, Internal Auditors, Data Analysts and all those charged with inspection and /or analysis of Payroll data.

The workshop is normally delivered over 1 day to attendees already familiar with IDEA. However, if you are unfamiliar with the software, we can expand the syllabus to a two or three day workshop to enable your team to acquire basic IDEA skills prior to training.

Training Scenarios

The question is – what are YOU looking to achieve?

You might be testing management financial statements – analysing transactions for:

  • Occurrence
  • Completeness
  • Cut-Off

Or is your focus Data Analytics?

IDEA Data Analytics can help you analyse data for forward planning, forecasting and making informed decisions in addition to the specific testing areas of:

  • National Insurance
  • Time & Attendance
  • Pensions
  • Pay rises
  • Absence & Overtime
  • Expenses

Expenses Analytics can be performed as part of your Payroll Training. However, if this is an area of prime focus, you may prefer to attend our bespoke Expenses Workshop. Alternatively, a half-day expenses module can be added to any payroll training – these bespoke courses are very much designed to meet your individual needs.

Perhaps you need a Value Added Audit to respond to an element of government legislation?

In March 2015, the HR community received the long awaited decision in Lock v British Gas Trading Limited. Mr Lock, a sales consultant with British Gas, brought a claim for outstanding holiday pay on the basis that it did not reflect what he would have earned from commission. The Tribunal decision confirms an important principle – commission must be factored in when calculating holiday pay. As a result, HR professionals are having to rethink holiday pay calculations to allow for an average amount of commission to be paid to salespeople during periods of annual leave.

IDEA Functionality Covered

Whatever your Payroll focus, the workshop will be based upon your own data and will show you how to use IDEA to:

  • Take a best practice approach to an IDEA Payroll Audit
  • Prepare your own data
  • Perform data quality checks looking for missing or incorrectly formatted information
  • Look for fraud, unusual exceptions and trends
  • Perform specific pre-agreed tests required for your individual payroll audit, provided you can make the data available.

In-house training

Minimum number 4, maximum number 8 per course.

Price (per person) on request – capped trainer travel expenses will be charged.

To book or discuss in-house training, please call +44 (0)1892 512348 or email training@auditware.co.uk