Gain unique insight into the action needed to start utilising data analytics to guide decision making and direct audit work.

Course Overview

Delivered in a “jargon-free” environment, this one-day workshop is for auditors of all experience levels seeking to learn how to apply simple data analytics into actionable insights.

A detailed and complimentary workshop to our IDEA-specific CI101 Introduction to IDEA Data Analysis training course, Learning to Audit Using Data is suitable for those delegates meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Completely new to data analytics
  • Keen to understand how to develop these ‘sought after’ skills
  • Aiming to maximise existing knowledge of CaseWare IDEA Data Analysis Software solution

Auditors and audit leaders will gain a unique insight into the action needed to start utilising data, to guide decision making and direct audit work. Delivered through a combination of tutor-led theory, group exercises and worked through examples. Specific focus include:

  • Confidence – Using a simple approach with explained technical jargon
  • Analysis – using simple data analytics techniques
  • Extraction – obtaining useful meaning from data
  • Communicate – results to generate client impact and deliver value
  • Skills – continued approach to learn more

Data Analytics – In Plain English

This course aims to equip delegates with the required knowledge to needed to start applying data analytics. It is delivered in a ‘jargon free’ environment and uses plain English to explain technical concepts to better support beginners. Lively discussion between delegates is encouraged to help build confidence and share knowledge.

Key benefits include:

  • Understanding the value in learning to audit using data
  • How to overcome the hidden barriers to developing data analytics skills
  • Making sense of data – challenging statistics, comparing data sets, and assessing trends.
  • Data Analytics process – the steps to deliver and communicate data analytics outcomes
  • Key CaseWare IDEA 10 functions – how do they work and when could they be useful

Training Scenarios

The course also includes a range of audit testing examples to demonstrate how data analytics can be practically applied including:

  • Accounts payable – identifying duplicate payments and supplier payment performance
  • Procurement – assessing compliance with authorisation limits
  • Payroll – recognising unusual payments made to leavers
  • IT – identify risks in the management of access control to key IT systems
  • Organisational culture – assessing levels of staff promotions against assigned performance ratings

Delegate Requirements

No prior knowledge of data analytics or IDEA is required. It is preferable for delegates to be working within the audit arena and to have a moderate level of computer competency i.e. basic Excel skills. This is a discussion led session and as such no laptops are required on the day. However the tutor will display screenshots of CaseWare IDEA 10 to signpost the relevant functions.

Please note: This training does not extend to the step-by-step execution of key CaseWare IDEA 10 functions. This element is fully covered in the CI101 Introduction to IDEA Data Analysis course.

Please note that all dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

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