IDEA Server provides enterprise level data analysis with the ability to effectively process large data files, while still maintaining the easy-to-use IDEA interface.

If you want to utilise IDEA over a larger network then this product is vital – it reduces the time spent on analytics from days to minutes, even seconds – saving you time and money.

By harnessing the power of server technology, IDEA Server builds on the abilities of IDEA to perform in-depth interrogation and offers a more secure, resilient and manageable environment to perform critical data analysis.


  • Background data processing – reducing the need for high specification workstations
  • Centralised data storage – enabling enhanced levels of security and data control
  • Platform for scheduled task operation
  • Project Administrator interface – where access and work progress can be monitored centrally

To find out more about IDEA Server and a whole new way to implement data analysis in your organisation please email us or check out the new IDEA Server Version Nine product brochure.

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Barclays trusts IDEA; it uses it for its Daily Reconciliation. Its capabilities are endless. Barclays Bank of Kenya made the business decision to use IDEA Server analytics for our internal accounts reconciliations. We currently run 400,000 records daily.

Innocent Scio
Applications Manager / Barclays Bank of Kenya

We chose IDEA Server because we have a lot of group projects and cross functional teams so it’s important that we share data among our team members.

Leonard Block, CPA, CIA
Senior Managing Director, Internal Audit / NASDAQ OMX

One of the advantages of using IDEA Server is that is allows us to easily collaborate across the pond with our European and Asian counterparts. It allows us to share our scripts, projects, as well as learn from each other’s past experiences.

Nina del Castillo
Data Analyst, Internal Audit / Lehigh Hanson