CaseWare IDEA 10 Data Analysis is a powerful and versatile data analysis and file interrogation solution that will enable you to improve your business performance, extend your capabilities and add more quality to your work.

Anyone with a need to examine data and produce tailored reports quickly and easily can benefit from the power and capabilities of IDEA, as it can read, display, analyse, manipulate, sample and extract data files from almost any source through a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

By harnessing the power of IDEA, you can get more work done in less time, lowering the cost of your analysis and adding more value to your organisation. IDEA is used mainly in internal audit, risk management and fraud but can be used in many data-reliant professions.

In conjunction with IDEA 10 Data Analysis software, Auditware provides the training programme necessary to qualify for Caseware IDEA Certification.


  • Imports data from a wide range of file types
  • Performs analyses of data including comprehensive statistics, profiles, summaries, ageing and Benford’s Law
  • Conducts exception tests of unusual or strange items using simple or complex criteria
  • Performs calculations
  • Tests for missing or duplicate items
  • Selects samples using systematic, random or monetary unit techniques
  • Matches or compares data from different sources
  • Maintains an audit trail/log of all operations performed
  • Includes a development tool, IDEAScript, that extends the power and functionality

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IDEA enables us to examine all of the transactions within a system and produce exception reports.

Data analysis is now essential, it enable us to continue to add value and provide an effective internal audit service. In today’s automated world it is essential that we are able to draw out intelligence from the information that is held within the Council’s IT systems. In order to support the audit process and detect fraud and error we need to analyse and compare large volumes of data.

IDEA has supported us in achieving this. Datasets can be easily imported into the system and the inbuilt functionality allows data to be matched and complicated extracts easily produced.

Craig Price
Group Auditor / Birmingham City Council

We believe that IDEA is the best global product available to meet our standard or service and help us to exceed client expectations.

IDEA’s ability to handle significant volume of data with ease and reliability, from numerous sources in various formats, is fundamental to our business processes. The wide range of functions, the usability and the powerful processing capability of IDEA enable us to provide clients with ever increasing opportunities to save money.

Andrew Cushion
Managing Director / Twice2much Ltd

Using IDEA at both my current and previous companies has helped give a detailed view as to how well internal accounting controls are working. Ledgers are now more complete and accurate. Target acquisitions’ accounting controls were reviewed quickly and accurately. Exception reporting is now clearer and faster.

Jerry Harris
Director / Kings Court Trust Corporation

“I have demonstrated this software to undergraduate and postgraduate students. They are impressed with its user friendliness, range of audit tests available, extensive reporting options, the ability to design your own analytical procedures, ease of organising your work into projects etc. IDEA is a first class package – offering cutting edge, up to date exposure to modern auditing techniques – techniques that make audit more efficient, effective and value added. After the demonstration my students commented that audit now appears interesting!”

Jon Evans
Academic Manager - Accounting & Finance / University of South Wales