CaseWare Analytics has now launched the latest version of IDEA® Data Analysis software, and this release offers a multitude of new features and general improvements designed to help make your audits run even more smoothly and efficiently than ever before. Take a peek at the top new features available in IDEA 10.3, including faster load times, Python integration and compatibility, character Field Statistics, and a number of visualisation upgrades designed to provide even deeper analysis.

Faster Load Times

Gone are the days where you had the time to go and make a cup of tea whilst you waited for your requests to process! Processes in IDEA 10.3 load up to twice as fast as its predecessors, allowing you to more rapidly complete your analyses and progress your audit in a timely fashion.

Python Integration

To the joy of your technical team, IDEA 10.3 Desktop edition introduces Python compatibility*. Able to completely access the entire IDEA object model, Python integration can be expanded via Packages, including:

  • Math, scientific, 2D and 3D graphics visualisations,
  • Artificial intelligence via Machine Learning,
  • Much, much more.

Running just like IDEAScript, Python can also be used in virtual fields via the new @Python function. If you want to augment IDEA with a special math operation available in Python, you can simply call this function using the @Python command**.

Character Field Statistics

IDEA 10.3 includes Character Field Statistics which allow auditors to break character fields down into categories and identify columns with blank values. You can instantly access new insights without having to write queries or summarise and sort data.

Clicking on these counts provide drill-down capability, and results can be saved as their own databases to be used as audit findings. This saves a great deal of time, especially when dealing with large files.

Visualisation Upgrades

There’s been a number of improvements to IDEA’s Phoenix engine, allowing for improved functionality and an expanded feature set with the Visualisation suite:

  • Discover Duplicate Keys in Visualize and Discover automatically
  • Drill down direct from dashboard
  • New zooming ability in most chart types
  • Integration with SmartAnalyzer

Stratified Random Sampling

In IDEA 10.3, you can now specify the percentage of records within each strata, making the process more effective when populations and file sizes vary greatly from month to month. This lets users take a more informed audit sample that balances materiality with impartiality and saves time during the sampling process.

Further Upgrades

  • Improved indexing performance
  • Importing UTF-8 files
  • Improved PDF Report Reader
  • Improved VPN support
  • Windows Server 2016 support (IDEA Server)
  • Citrix support

Detailed release notes are available upon request.

* Python integration is not available in IDEA Server
** A working Python script with this name must exist in the Custom Functions project subfolder.