Learn how to harness the power of IDEA Data Analysis to quickly and easily detect and investigate the red-flags indicating fraud hidden within your datasets.

Course Overview

This two-day course provides added value to your organisation by gaining the skills needed to identify, prevent, and protect yourself against financial and control-related irregularities and their associated risks. Investigate allegations of fraud and evaluate their potential financial impact, and acquire the skills necessary to convert theoretical concepts into practical data analysis.

AuditWare’s How to Use IDEA to Combat Fraud training course enables delegates to learn a variety of data analysis concepts and statistical analysis techniques that will test the strength of your organisation’s internal controls.

Training Scenarios

How to Use IDEA to Combat Fraud takes multiple well-known fraud profiles and translates them to effective data analysis techniques. Learn via interactive “hands-on” scenarios covering areas common areas prone to fraud, including Procurement, Accounts Payable, and Payroll, and see how using IDEA can help manage and mitigate such risks.

Not only will you learn how to use IDEA’s introductory-level functionality to efficiently identify fraud indicators, but you will also use a variety of advanced data analytics techniques including:

  • Data matching and cross referencing of datasets
  • Duplicate detection to identify degrees of similarity and data manipulation
  • Statistical analysis to identify unusual trends (e.g. Benford’s Law, Outlier anaylsis)
  • Utilising 100% data coverage for complete data assurancy

Delegate Requirements

A basic level of experience with IDEA Data Analysis is required. Competency in basic use of Windows applications is expected. Familiarity with browsing to a file and copying and pasting files within windows is advantageous when we populate our projects with test files – but this is a minor part of the training and the tutor will guide delegates on-screen.

Please note that all dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

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