Add further value to your reporting by learning the IDEAScript programming language – a powerful element of the IDEA Data Analysis solution.

Course Overview

This 3-day training course will provide a thorough introduction to the programming language IDEAScript – an intrinsic part of IDEA Data Analysis. You will learn how to develop a suite of useful tools designed to take the sting out of complex and time consuming manual processes, or create dialog driven end-to-end solutions that empower both IDEA and non-IDEA users, to enable consistent delivery of results.

Creating an IDEA Macro

  • Recording macros
  • Utilising the History Log
  • Building macros using Project Overview
  • Understand the IDEAScript Editor
  • Saving and running tasks

Working with Scripts

  • Customising recorded macros
  • Understanding constants and variables
  • Using data types
  • Programming best practice
  • Learn how to handle macro errors

Language Browser and IDEA Objects

  • Functions and subroutines
  • Using structures: control, repeating, looping, conditional, branching
  • Array handling (to store lists of items, needed for custom dialog boxes)
  • Using message boxes and input boxes to communicate with the user
  • Presenting decision points to and obtaining information from the user
  • Creating customised dialog boxes using the Dialog Editor

Course Benefits

Concentrating on matters related to programming, this course will cover the major elements of the IDEAScript programming language and also provide an insight into the benefits of automated solutions to you and your organisation.

The course is recognised by the CPD Institute and has a value of 21 hours.


If you have no real programming experience, you might consider first attending our specialist 1-day Introduction to IDEA Automation training, which introduces you to automation methodology, IDEA Visual Script and basic IDEAScript macros.

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