Solve problems beyond the basics of ‘who spent what’ and calculation cross-checks, to offer value-added audits and analyses.

Course Overview

This 2-day training course introduces advanced analytical techniques that will enable delegates to utilise IDEA to solve their own complex problems.

The course contains a number of comprehensive audit/testing scenarios of increasing complexity, each of which covers some of the more challenging real-life data issues that users may face. Combined with ‘CI101 Introduction to IDEA Data Analysis’, this course incorporates all IDEA Data Analysis functionality required to pass the CaseWare IDEA Certification Programme examination.

Areas covered include:

Personnel Audit

  • Analysis of Leavers
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Diversity
  • Equal Pay
  • Unusual Salaries and statistical outliers

Stock Control

  • Re-ordering analysis
  • Statistical analysis of performance
  • Valuation analysis

Local Authority Benefit Fraud

  • Multiple claims
  • Advanced duplicate detection and text searching

Statistical Analysis and Sampling

  • Benford’s Law
  • Correlation
  • Monetary unit sampling

Course Benefits

Focusing on the more complicated analytical situations that IDEA users may face, this course delves into the advanced capabilities of the software to provide the user with the ability to explore complex datasets and identify the hidden relationships and trends within.

Delegate Requirements

Delegates should be fully conversant with the CIDA foundation level functionality covered in ”CI101 Introduction to IDEA Data Analysis’, e.g. Summarisation, Stratification, basic Database Connectivity (Joins) and basic Data Manipulation (Equation Editor) – see Foundation Course Contents for further detail. Intermediate Training builds rapidly on the basics as we move swiftly into more advanced testing scenarios.

Delegates are expected to be self-starters who are confident at ‘having a go’ at solving more complex data relationships. However, the course is designed to ensure that no-one is left behind. At each stage of increasing complexity, solutions are provided to enable every delegate to keep on track and follow best practice.

Upcoming Training Courses

Please note that all dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

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Public courses

Delegate fee: £895 + VAT (includes refreshments, buffet lunch and training material).

To book a Scheduled Training Course please select from the available dates above.

In-house training

Minimum number 4, maximum number 8 per course.

Price (per person) on request – capped trainer travel expenses will be charged.

To book or discuss in-house training, please call
+44 (0)1892 512348 or email

This course taught not just about the software, but some rules of thumb, RE. using the software, and around data manipulation for certain business questions. All good.

Darren O'Brien
IS Auditor
SAGA plc

Excellent course, very fast-paced but a lot of knowledge imparted. Excellent presenter, clear, articulate, knowledgeable, and personable. Excellent value for money.

Marcus Dewsbury
Senior Internal Auditor
YBS Group

Excellent course.

Galen Mohr
Audit Specialist

The trainer was very knowledgeable, answering all questions. Made the session very enjoyable and paced it well.

Mark Stevenson

Really good. Very practical.

Eimear Dunk
IT Audit & Security
Mazars IE

Excellent trainer, presentation and material.

Dave Pendreigh
Audit Specialist