Detect, remediate, and improve your enterprise controls with CaseWare Monitor – an open RCM platform for continuous controls monitoring that puts you ahead of threats in real time.

The CaseWare Monitor platform connects to and analyses data from any source to continuously test the effectiveness of your internal controls. Immediately detecting control breakdowns, Monitor gives the company more time to respond and quickly remediate the situation before it negatively impacts the business.

Database Management, Analytics, and Insights

Within CaseWare Monitor, you can auto-generate dashboards and discover which controls are failing. Existing reports can be integrated into the platform so you can leverage the metrics you’ve already compiled. With CaseWare Monitor, you can easily:

  • Connect to and monitor data from any source, including ERPs (SAP, Oracle, etc.), web services (Concur), banking platforms, bespoke apps, system logs and more
  • Detect outliers and analyse trends
  • Perform advanced analytics such as Benford’s Law

Workflow, Collaboration, and Case Management

When Monitor detects a control failure, it triggers an alert sent to users via email, SMS or as notifications in app. Within a customisable workflow these exceptions can be assigned, escalated and remediated collaboratively to support any business process. You can also send emails directly from any exception and the history will automatically update with responses.

Smooth and Intuitive User Experience

CaseWare Monitor has been enhanced based on feedback from users across the globe, resulting in a platform that is intuitive, quick and easy-to-use for even those new to the technology. There’s no need to spend large amounts of time signed in to Monitor. When you receive an exception in your email, simply click on the link to go directly into the work item requiring your attention. You can remediate the item quickly and easily to get to resolution faster, preventing the loss from impacting your business.

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With a successful implementation within two weeks, the results were quite impressive. Through an automated process we lowered processing time to verify daily bills from 5 hours to less than 5 minutes. This allows us to significantly improve our billing accuracy.

Rob Marr
Billing Manager / Enersource Corporation

The return on investment from our CaseWare Monitor implementation has been significant.  The insight provided by the solution has allowed us to be proactive with the adjustment of controls that would only have been possible after controls were breached. Business operations have improved tremendously, as we are now only able to monitor for gaps in business processes and make the necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

Algernon Cargill
Director / National Insurance Board

We implemented CaseWare Monitor AML Solution and the automation of regulatory reporting has been a tremendous burden lifted from our day-to-day operations. The software is a great data mining and analysis tool that is easy to use and makes tasks less tedious. With CaseWare Monitor’s trending capabilities we are better equipped to identify and mitigate risks.

Carolyn DaCosta
Company Secretary and Group Compliance Manager / JMMB

Analysts were working manually to trace transactions resulting in 12-hour work days, including weekends.  CaseWare Monitor made life a whole lot easier by categorizing hundreds of thousands of transactions with a single click, while significantly increasing the quality of our reporting.

Grace Kennedy
Compliance and Enterprise Risk Manager / Remittance Services Limited

CaseWare Monitor helped us identify true duplicates and research the root causes, which uncovered a disbursement procedure that needed adjusting for strong controls. We’ve taken that success and secured more county agencies to participate in reviewing their own duplicates. Each agency is doing its part to combat fraud, waste and abuse.

Alison Gordon
Internal Auditor / Washoe County