A new version of CaseWare Monitor is now available—and this release offers more case management functions than ever before.

Case management enables investigators to quickly and easily organize the data they need to investigate, resolve and report exceptions or alerts. With CaseWare Monitor, data can be imported from virtually any data repository and reviewed, analyzed, cross-referenced and verified. The continuous monitoring solution also allows users to set up automatic workflows with alerts and custom notifications.

CaseWare Monitor 5.1 now includes case management functionality as part of the standard software package. Investigators can manually associate (and disassociate) Work Items and Cases to other Work Items or Cases. This helps build a more comprehensive view of like items for investigations and allows users to view related items from one place.

Our case management functionality also enables people from different departments to perform their own investigations or cross-reference materials for simultaneous investigations. There is no limit to the number of Work Items/Cases that can be associated with one another. Nor do associated Work Items/Cases need to be in the same Result Set.


Case management also gives the option to prevent cases from being closed if any associated Work Items are still open. This ensures investigations are thorough and complete by guaranteeing that associated Work Items are remediated to completion before a case is finalized.