The CaseWare Analytics Certification programme provides a standard accreditation that distinguishes you as being able to utilise CaseWare Analytics technology in your daily analysis and/or audit work. The certification program is designed to aid in your professional development, by showcasing that you possess premium technical abilities and are capable of providing knowledgeable business analysis and recommendations. Obtaining a CaseWare Analytics Certification gives an independent validation of your skills and expertise in using analytics and scripting.


  • Obtain professional recognition in your industry
  • Gain a competitive edge in your career through certification recognition
  • Get Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits when attending the training courses required for the exam
  • Become an acknowledged expert by having your name published on Caseware Analytics’ website; with approval from the software developer.

Types of Certification

  • Certified IDEA Data Analyst (CIDA)
  • Certified IDEAScript Expert (CISE)

Achieving Certification

There are two paths to becoming eligible to take the exam.

  • TRAINING: For CIDA certification you must have completed both our accredited CIDA foundation and intermediate level courses (CI101 Introduction to IDEA Data Analysis and CI102 Intermediate Use of IDEA Data Analysis). For CISE certification you must have completed our CI104 Certified IDEAScript Expert course.
  • EXPERIENCE: You must send us documentation of your experience using IDEA Data Analysis (two-page minimum), a letter from a supervisor or colleague attesting to your competency with IDEA (stating that you have used IDEA actively in the last two years) and a detailed description of at least two substantial projects in which you have used IDEA and / or IDEAScript. Our certification coordinator will contact you for more information.

Candidates must:

  • Sit and pass the appropriate examination within 6 months of completion of CIDA CI102 Intermediate Use of IDEA Data Analysis / CISE CI104 Certified Script Expert or within 6 months of 1acceptance of their application for certification via the experience route.
  • Pass the on-line exam with a percentage score of 75 or higher
  • Allocate 3-4 hours in which to take the exam. The examination cannot take longer than 4 hours
  • Have the latest version of IDEA
  • Candidates are advised to contact us if they do not have access to the latest version of IDEA.

Upcoming Training Courses

Please note that all dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

For a full list of events please see here.

In-house training

Minimum number 4, maximum number 8 per course.

Price (per person) on request – capped trainer travel expenses will be charged.

To book or discuss in-house training, please call +44 (0)1892 512348 or email