Toronto, Canada, February 1, 2016

CaseWare Analytics announces the release of version 5 of its CaseWare AML Compliance solution, which helps financial institutions meet all their Know Your Customer (KYC), Transaction Monitoring, Regulatory Reporting, and Sanctions List Screening requirements in one platform. This solution generates significant ROI by reducing compliance workloads and safeguarding against hefty fines and penalties for non-compliance.

“With the growing list of AML regulations, it’s essential that financial institutions have a comprehensive solution they can trust to help them ensure compliance” says Andrew Simpson, Chief Operating Officer, CaseWare Analytics. “CaseWare AML Compliance solution is simply unrivalled in that it is a tool to meet all key AML requirements while also promoting the processes for a sustainable culture of compliance within an organization.”

The CaseWare AML Compliance solution provides a variety of features and key capabilities that improve the effectiveness of compliance programs. This includes auto-generated customer risk scores and regulatory reports, sanctions list screening, and monitoring of 100% of transactions from any data source so unusual activities are discovered quickly.
The solution is driven by the data analytics of CaseWare’s flagship software, IDEA®, providing users with the clear and comprehensive insights needed to effectively manage and improve AML compliance programs. Users can also engage the entire business in compliance efforts, with the solution offering fully customizable workflows and case management, which facilitates escalation and creates an audit trail of all remediation activities.
“By maximizing CaseWare AML Compliance’s features, including case management, data analytics, remediation workflows and automated reporting, businesses can reduce their compliance workload,” says Andrae Duhaney, CaseWare AML Compliance Product Owner. “Our solution lets customers take control of their compliance programs so they can actually get ahead of their risks and relieve the burden of compliance.”

CaseWare Analytics will be hosting a webinar on February 3, 2016 at 2:00 PM ET to demonstrate how CaseWare AML Compliance helps financial institutions comply with regulations and engage their entire business in compliance efforts. Click here for more information and to register.