For some organisations, the CaseWare IDEA Certification Programme or AuditWare’s own Specialised IDEA training may not help them to achieve all of their short- to long-term objectives. Reasons for this could include:

  • They do not focus on industry specific scenarios
  • They’re geared towards an audit audience
  • They do not necessarily cover certain functionality and techniques needed for specific datasets and scenarios

It is in these instances where AuditWare’s Bespoke IDEA training shines. By taking client specific scenarios and designing tailored courses to meet the required objectives – achieved through the use of either client’s own data or AuditWare sample data – organisations can benefit from:

  • The ability to focus on specific scenarios not covered in Certified or Specialised IDEA training courses
  • The ability to delve deeper into scenarios included in Certified or Specialised IDEA training courses
  • The opportunity to work through the techniques needed to analyse client’s own data with an experienced IDEA consultant on-hand

Workshops Currently Available

Below is a list of workshops we are currently offering:

In-house training

To book or discuss in-house training, please call +44 (0)1892 512348 or email