AuditWare supports the promotion and development of the internal audit profession by working with the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) across a variety of activities as part of its partnership agreement.

The IIA is an independent voice of the profession and is leading the way to ensure that the role and value of internal audit is understood by all organisations who have an interest in improving risk management and promoting strong corporate governance.

“I am delighted that AuditWare has renewed its partnership agreement for a second year. We are looking forward to their continued support with activities which will help us develop the profession further and raise its profile”
Ian Peters, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors

AuditWare is working in partnership with the Irish Tax Institute (ITI) to create, develop and deliver bespoke tax-related training courses for their members.

The ITI is the leading professional body for taxation affairs in Ireland and works with corporate leaders, government, revenue, other professional and representative groups, and the general public to help in the administration and development of the Irish and EU tax systems.

”We recognised the importance of our members having access to training in the use of e-auditing software to assist them representing their clients in audit situations or in the efficient provision of tax audit health checks.”
Martin Lambe, Director Finance, Risk and Compliance, The Irish Tax Institute


Founded in Toronto in 1988, CaseWare is a leading provider of technology solutions for finance, accounting, governance, risk and audit professionals. With more than 250,000 users in 130 countries, CaseWare products are used by domestic and global accounting firms, governments, tax authorities and corporations.

AuditWare is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland of IDEA, IDEA Server, CaseWare Examiner and CaseWare Monitor.

WizSoft develops software based on mathematical algorithms for fields such as data mining, data auditing, concept-based text search engines and knowledge management. Their products are marketed to over 35,000 customers in various businesses and institutions worldwide.

AuditWare is the UK distributor of WizRule and WizWhy.


AuditWare supports the aims of the Institute of Continuous Professional Development as Corporate Affiliates.

The CPD Institute is part of the Continuing Professional Development Foundation, an educational charitable trust providing high-quality and broad-ranging CPD since 1981. The Institute serves the public interest by helping to raise the effectiveness of professionals through the promotion of CPD as an important and integral element of lifelong learning.

AuditWare’s training courses are recognised by the CPD Institute and count towards delegates’ CPD hours.

“This is an important new initiative from our company. Having trained more than 25,000 professionals in IDEA, CAAT’s, risk analysis and fraud investigation we appreciate the value of training and that participants should be able to gain full recognition and benefit from the skills acquired from this training”
Brendan Walsh, Managing Director, AuditWare

ACE has held audit conferences all over Europe with a record of success dating back over 25 years. Thousands of delegates have attended ACE events, with a consistently high satisfaction rating from delegates, and outstanding levels of repeat attendance.