Detect, remediate, and improve your enterprise controls with Alessa, a CaseWare RCM product, for continuous controls monitoring that puts you ahead of threats in real time.

Alessa, formerly CaseWare Monitor, connects to and analyses data from any source to continuously test the effectiveness of your internal controls. Immediately detecting control breakdowns, Alessa gives the company more time to respond and quickly remediate the situation before it negatively impacts the business.

Database Management, Analytics, and Insights

Within Alessa, you can auto-generate dashboards and discover which controls are failing. Existing reports can be integrated into the platform so you can leverage the metrics you’ve already compiled. With Alessa, you can easily:

  • Connect to and monitor data from any source, including ERPs (SAP, Oracle, etc.), web services (Concur), banking platforms, bespoke apps, system logs and more
  • Detect outliers and analyse trends
  • Perform advanced analytics such as Benford’s Law

Workflow, Collaboration, and Case Management

When Alessa detects a control failure, it triggers an alert sent to users via email, SMS or as notifications in app. Within a customisable workflow these exceptions can be assigned, escalated and remediated collaboratively to support any business process. You can also send emails directly from any exception and the history will automatically update with responses.

Smooth and Intuitive User Experience

Alessa has been enhanced based on feedback from users across the globe, resulting in a platform that is intuitive, quick and easy-to-use for even those new to the technology. There’s no need to spend large amounts of time signed in to Alessa. When you receive an exception in your email, simply click on the link to go directly into the work item requiring your attention. You can remediate the item quickly and easily to get to resolution faster, preventing the loss from impacting your business.

To find out more about Alessa, please view the footage above or email us.

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