‘This years AFI has put the loss to the UK economy from fraud at £52 billion’
Annual Fraud Indicator (June 2013)

Course Overview

Revenue Leakage affects us all, no matter the business sector in which we operate.

Incorrect pricing, operational inefficiencies, missing transactions, unpriced transactions, and uncollected revenues are just some of the causes of revenue leakage. IDEA can help you in your quest to establish control mechanisms and reporting facilities to both identify and predict potential leakage points.

In today’s economically austere climate, with the pressure for accurate fraud analysis being placed firmly within individual business areas, it may not be financially feasible to utilise external services to help identify issues. We are therefore pleased to announce our Accounts Payable & Revenue Leakage Workshop.

This one day in-house workshop was originally developed to aid our Public Sector clients but is equally applicable to all clients concerned with revenue leakage.

Delegate Requirements

The course is aimed at auditors, accountants, and Accounts Payable clerks.

The workshop is normally delivered over one day to attendees already familiar with IDEA. However, if you are unfamiliar with the software, we can expand the syllabus to a two day workshop to enable your team to acquire basic IDEA skills prior to training.

Training Scenarios

Learn how to harness the power of the IDEA software that you already own to tackle monetary leakage directly. This is very much a bespoke course, tailored to your own testing requirements.

IDEA Functionality Covered

The workshop will be based upon your own data and will show you how to use IDEA to:

  • Prepare your own data
  • Perform data quality checks looking for missing or incorrectly formatted information
  • Look for fraud, unusual exceptions and trends
  • Learn how to identify standard and non-standard (fuzzy) duplicate invoices and how to analyse the findings

In-house training

Minimum number 4, maximum number 8 per course.

Price (per person) on request – capped trainer travel expenses will be charged.

To book or discuss in-house training, please call +44 (0)1892 512348 or email training@auditware.co.uk