AuditWare continually strives to deliver the best technological solutions and services to clients responsible for business assurance and best practice.


Our mission

Our team of experts are committed to providing high quality customised solutions and training for vital business processes to ensure users obtain the maximum benefit from their investment in our products.

AuditWare takes great pride in the very high level of goodwill we have nurtured with all our customers and believe customer satisfaction has been key to our success.

Our history

AuditWare Systems was established in late 1987 and is currently celebrating over 25 years in business.

The founder of AuditWare first came across the IDEA software whilst part of the management team at the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW) – at the time IDEA was used as an in-house tool at the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. Marketing and distributing this innovative product to the world was the foundation on which AuditWare was built.

As exclusive distributors of IDEA, IDEA Server and CaseWare Monitor software to the UK & Ireland, AuditWare has grown substantially in recent years and is now a significant business with an outstanding client base of more than 1500 blue chip companies. AuditWare also distributes other CaseWare products, plus other high-quality audit and IT security-related products from third parties.

Our software products are used by organisations large and small, including multi-national corporations, government agencies, the big four accountancy firms, as well as sole traders. These clients have come to rely on our team to support their audit and investigation activities throughout the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world.

Training, support, software and consultancy solutions of the highest quality have ensured that AuditWare has kept pace with technological advancements and ever changing requirements.

In recent years AuditWare has developed strategic partnerships with The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors, Irish Tax Institute and the Institute of Continuous Professional Development.

The company continues to expand to meet growing demand, specifically for training, consultancy and CaseWare Monitor – the continuous auditing and monitoring tool, vital for a variety of organisations large and small.