As 2016 comes to a close, it is perhaps only right that I take the time to look back on the training I have delivered, and all of the enthused delegates I have had the pleasure of meeting.

As just one of many IDEA training instructors, I have had the pleasure of training users of all skill-levels; first-time users, occasional users, and users who have not used the software for many years, all the way up to some very accomplished individuals looking to get the very most out of their IDEA Data Analysis package. Both our Introductory Course and our Intermediate courses have been well received, and delegate feedback has been universally positive.

Although the makeup of each training group has been as different and varied as you can possibly get, I can state with a high confidence that the delegates attending finished the day feeling enthused about the software and confident in their ability to make use of the facility’s many features – some have even stated out loud during the sessions about how assured they now feel about using the product to analyse their data.

It’s not just the delegates who’ve had a lot of numbers to process. Here are some of my own for this last year:

5224 miles flown to training venues (makes me wish I had a credit card that collects air miles!)

3575 miles driven

832.5 miles travelled by train

159 delegates trained, ranging from audit managers, an audit director, senior internal auditors, counter fraud specialists, internal and external auditors, fraud analysts, a few financial controllers, and the odd accountant

100% the highest rating given by a delegate on a course evaluation form

92% the average rating given on course evaluation forms

26 public and in-house courses delivered

17 return train journeys

14 taxi journeys from train stations/airport to the venues

13, the largest number of delegates in a training class

12 different hotels stayed in, including two which also served as our training venues on the day

11 different towns or cities visited, including London, Dublin,  and Leeds, as well as Brussels, Cardiff, Darlington, Wilmslow, Edinburgh, Slough, Nottingham, Belfast, and my hometown – Birmingham

10 full Irish breakfasts consumed

9 pints of Guinness, consumed in the spiritual home of “The Black Stuff”

7 times my hand luggage was pulled out for “closer inspection”

7 people who attended an Introductory course and then immediately booked on for the Intermediate course

5 airports flown into, with Dublin being my most regular arrival destination

4, the lowest number of delegates in a training group

4, the number of different airlines I’ve used

2 full Scottish Breakfast’s consumed – very nice indeed

1 Return journey via Eurotunnel to the continent, and

1 cancelled train (thank you Southern Railways!)

A definite highlight of the year was being able to take the time to visit the Titanic exhibition in Belfast – I would recommend this to anyone thinking of going.

Of course, I would be remiss to not mention that there is an entire organisation of people helping to support me and make what I have done possible. There’s no way I would be as successful as I have been this year without the continuing support, encouragement and good wishes from everyone back home at Auditware.

And now, both as an organisation and personally, we look towards 2017, and the new challenges we face. With even more training and consultancy planned; I look forward to being the guide that helps our customers get the best from our products and solutions; together we strive to improve and ensure that AuditWare’s CIDA qualifying IDEA training programme continues to be a success.

Hopefully, I will see some old faces again in 2017, and I certainly look forward to seeing many new faces too, and with a dozen courses already booked up through to March (and many, many more still available), 2017 looks to already have the makings of a very active year.

Merry Christmas everybody!

About the Author

julian-bishopJulian Bishop is one of AuditWare’s more experienced and in-demand providers of CIDA qualifying IDEA training.

He has worked as both a teacher and professional trainer for over 15 years, and is an Experienced Learning and Development specialist, with vast experience in all areas of the training cycle, soft skills and technical training to diverse and varied groups within a Global Business. Julian is also a strong supporter of the RSPCA and holds particular interests in animal trusts.